Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't buy Nikon software from

About two years ago I decided to get Nikon Camera Control Pro 2. I found two sources that offered a downloadable version. The Nikon Mall and Since the Nikon Mall was (and still is) US only I ordered from and was happy. I also updated Nikon Camera Control Pro several times without problems - until yesterday.

Yesterday when I tried to update the software to 2.8 the following message appeared:

The product key 40700-24986-02156-58340-44741 is unusable since it is not a genuine product key. Please purchase a genuine product key. If you see this message when you enter your product key, please contact your local Nikon office mentioned in the user's manual.

What a nice surprise. Suddenly I can't use the software any longer and I also can't use the previous version any longer.

I looked around and found an official statement from Nikon regarding this online company:

It has come to our attention that a website called “” is attempting to sell Nikon software keys. This web site is not an authorized dealer and is not affiliated with Nikon Inc. in any way. Nikon Inc. cannot assist with any license keys sold by this site and cannot replace any non-working keys without proof of purchase from an authorized dealer.
The only web site authorized to sell software keys alone (not boxed copies of software) is the Nikon Mall. ("
To ensure that you receive a legal, authorized license key for Nikon software which Nikon Inc. can support please only purchase from an authorized dealer.

I bought an illegal software product without knowing it. If I want to use Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 I'm forced to buy it again from a Nikon authorized dealer.

As of today is still offering Nikon software so hopefully this post will help others to stay away from this online store. I can only speak about Nikon software but obviously you should be also very cautious about the rest of their offer.

I fully understand why Nikon is taking action but I don't understand why is still allowed to offer their software.

Most likely I will not buy the expensive software a second time and rather use the excellent and free Sofortbild app.

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Update February 2011: All Nikon Sofware has dissapeared from the imagemixer website. I really hope Nikon has taken action and sued them. The thread at Photocamel also dissapeared. I'm very happy with Sofortbild and didn't miss Nikon Camera Control Pro so far.

Update December 2012: sells Nikon software again. DO NOT BUY!!!.

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  1. Thanks for the great tip about Sofortbild, Martin! (Milton, Aug 15, 2017, 07:33 GMT-3)